Between Squash and Tennis which sport is better?

For those who’ve played both squash and tennis, the most difficult part is determining which sport is harder. Making some comparisons amongst the two comes in handy so as to make a logical conclusion. Here is everything you need to know about the two sports


The court

Tennis courts ( tennis court surfaces ) are basically larger as compared to those of squash; tennis players will always have an uphill task in their attempt to cover a large portion of the court

Squash courts are quite smaller as compared to tennis courts; the courts also have walls on all sides. The players involved play inside the same court by alternating shots while using tin and lines that are on the front walls so that they can maintain their serve in play.

When compared to tennis, the back wall involved in the game of squash assists in keeping the ball in play thus making rallies quite longer. Squash players must be on movement consistently although they cover less court as compared to tennis players

The difficulty level on the two games is almost the same as far as the court is concerned


Tennis racquets vary in terms of weight and size. The pros who have played both games admit that the tennis ball is much heavier as compared to that of squash

Squash racquets are quite smaller ( More info about it is here - Squash HQ ) when compared to those used in playing tennis. Squash balls have a smaller diameter as compared to those that are used in playing tennis; Squash balls are also lighter than tennis balls. Squash balls don’t bounce until they get warmed up just before the game gets underway

In terms of equipments, it’s quite challenging to play tennis as compared to squash


A tennis serve is the most difficult component that newbies come across. A poor serve can easily be attacked by an opponent thus giving the server a big disadvantage. Tennis players will always get another chance to serve when the initial one gets out of play

On the other hand, squash serves are mellow. Powerful squash serves have never been the order of day. Skilled players will always use surprise elements when serving by changing the spot from where they serve. Squash players will rarely rely on aces or service points to win more points as compared to tennis. It’s quite difficult to achieve an ace in the game of squash because the back wall will always put the ball back in play

As far as serving is concerned, tennis is a more difficult sport as compared to squash

Bottom line

Although both games bring much excitement amongst players, tennis will always have an edge over squash as the more complicated sport. Tennis players who get to squash courts for the first time must be able to keep more rallies running. That’s not the same case to squash players who get to tennis courts for the first time

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